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Packed with features that make group communication simple and intuitive for both members and moderators, findsmithGROUPS is an industry leading, one-stop solution for bringing your parents group together online.


Product Features

Parent groups are amazing resources, yet as they grow, busy moms & dads can be overrun with email, redundant posts, and intimidating rules. findsmithGROUPS has solved these problems with an intuitive web-based solution that includes a complete set of features designed to make group communication easy, fun and infinitely more valuable.


Review & Advice Engine

Our powerful review and advice engine enables members to email questions to the group just like they always do, but it also sorts and stores all the replies into the group's easy-to-search database, making sifiting through endless emails and posting summaries obsolete.


Email Sweep©

Our revolutionary email tool allows members to interact with the site via email. Email Sweep scans all emails for reviews and advice and sorts and stores them into the database, sending them to the author for approval. Members can also request and receive entries from the site via email, a great benefit to PDA users.


Email Flexibility

We give members full control over the emails they receive. Members can opt to receive different types of information at different frequencies, individually, daily, or even weekly. Now members have the power to get all the good stuff they want and none of the stuff they don't.


Cleaner Classifieds

We've improved this classic by directing all responses to the site. This means that whenever an ad is deleted, it no longer exists anywhere - and the member who listed it won’t receive tons of pointless inquiries.


...and the list of features goes on.

Other product features include: Invitation & Event Tools, Calendars for Groups & Subgroups, Subgroup Functionality, Secure Payment Processing and much more. To see the all of the features working together, please request a demo.


Simple and Intuitive

Simple is right. Other group solutions have complicated tools that create email overload - but we know better. Designed by parents for parents, our set of powerful tools offers everything you need in a clean, intuitive structure that lets your group communicate more effectively. We don't complicate. We simplify.


Integrated Features for Members

Your group is only valuable to members if it makes life easier. All our tools are in one place, accessible at all times. Members only log in once to get to everything: email, calendars, payment processing, reviews & advice, archives, classifieds, subgroups, etc. When your site is easier to use, more members will use it - and value being a member of the group.


We Make Moderators Smile

We've developed a complete set of administrative tools that makes moderating your group website as simple and intuitive as possible. Our at-a-glance Action List feature lets moderators instantly see what needs to be done. In just a click, they can review applications, create member and financial reports and download them to Excel, flag members, access archives, schedule group reminders, and more... Much of this can be done straight from an email. To get a comprehensive look at the power of the moderators tool set, please request a demo.


About Us

In 2005, several employees at an interactive media company called QuinStreet discovered that they were all members of parents groups in different cities - and they all agreed that the group websites were more of a hassle than a help.


These parents came to realize that the same proprietary tools QuinStreet develops to enable its nearly 600 clients to achieve their marketing goals could be modified to help parents just like them. Thus, findsmithGROUPS became a new extension of the QuinStreet media network.


As one of the top 25 online media companies, QuinStreet offers a sound foundation upon which findsmithGROUPS can continue to grow and offer parent groups an easier way to meet, exchange ideas, and find answers online.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re new to you, so it's natural for you to have some questions about what we do and how we do it. To learn more, read on...


How can findsmithGROUPS help me?
How much does it cost?
How do you make money?
Will my information be kept private and safe?
Is findsmithGROUPS difficult to use?
Is there a minimum group size required?
I already have a group. Will I have to start over if I move it to findsmithGROUPS?


How can findsmithGROUPS help me?

We make your life easier by making it easier to moderate your group. All our powerful features are designed to work together, which simplifies common
tasks like:


- Organizing member reviews and advice
- Scheduling events
- Maintaining up to date member information
- Managing laborious processes and deadlines
- Keeping track of dues or donation payments


How much does it cost?

findsmithGROUPS is free.


How do you make money?

findsmithGROUPS leverages the power of the QuinStreet network, which includes companies of both local and national appeal, and discreetly promotes them in a relevant and helpful way.


Will my information be kept private and safe?

We are all about helping people, not exploiting them. That is why we will never sell, rent, or distribute your personal account information to anyone. Your group website is password protected, so no one who is not a member of the group can access it.


Is findsmithGROUPS difficult to use?

Not at all. We created this product to be easy for anyone with a minor amount of online experience to use. It may take a few minutes to learn what each feature does, but if you can send an email, you can use this product!


Is there a minimum group size required?

Our features were designed to help growing groups that have 50 to 5,000 members.


I already have a group. Will I have to start over if I move it to findsmithGROUPS?

Moving your group over to our website is a lot easier than you may think.
Contact us now to learn just how easy it is.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us at any time.
Phone: 1.866.520.8049

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